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Heritage Grade 2 listed building chimney lining


Following the installation of an ornate chimneypiece fireplace, the fire had never functioned properly. Fumes were leaking into the bedroom upstairs. Greystone Chimneys were asked to assess the problems, and to provide a solution.


On inspection, it was discovered that there were 2 flues serving the fireplace. This was interfering with the proper function of the flue, and it was necessary to utilize just one of the flues, maintaining as large as possible a cross sectional area as possible. In addition, the fireplace had been installed without the proper formation of the throat lintel, or proper sealing of the fireplace making the chimneypiece inefficient.


Greystone Chimneys re-formed the chimney piece, and installed a single Furanflex RWV flue. Works were completed over 3 days, the fireplace now functions properly and is now HETAS certified.