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Furanflex Chimney Lining Surrey

The dining room gas fireplace was served by a short chimneystack, which was not properly functioning. The client wished for a new stack, which properly reflected aesthetic of the Lutyens style property. The client was very keen that minimum disruption was to be cased to the interior of the house.


Greystone Chimneys were asked to design and build a new chimneystack and to install a new flue to both provide proper function, and improve the appearance.


Matching bricks were sourced, and a new stack was constructed above roof level. Overall height was 3.5 metres, and a design matching surrounding chimneys was chosen. The brickwork started by matching the original square hole in the roof, graduating to octagonal, and then to a corbelled circular top section. The existing stainless steel liner, which was too small for the fireplace opening was removed, and Furanflex BLACK was chosen, which allowed an adequate cross sectional area of flue to be achieved. Works were completed over the period of 2 weeks, with no mess being created inside the house.