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Heritage Chimney Lining Oxford

17th Century origins

The commercial boilers installed in the basement required 2 separate flues. One was fired by gas, and the other by oil. This presented a problem, as the flues required were 175mm each. Stainless steel liners would not fit into the original flue. The solution found by Greystone Chimneys was that Furanflex BLACK be specified. The 2 flues could be installed simultaneously, molding themselves to fit alongside each other within the existing flue, and negating the need for major works to utilize alternative flues.

The chimneystack was damaged, and rebuilt using matching reclaimed bricks. The flues were installed over 2 days, and a new header system was installed subsequently leaving a long-term solution in place, which allowed the full heating potential of the heating system to be used for the first time since installation.