8 flue installation: Highbury Place, Islington, London, N5 < Back

Heritage Chimney Lining London

GRADE 2 listed property

Following major renovation works, the flues were surveyed. The problems uncovered were that 6 flues were breached, and access was not possible next door. All flues were serving the original open fireplaces, which were to be retained. The flues were all 225mm diameter, and it was not going to be possible to install stainless steel liners of adequate dimension to serve the fireplaces.


The only solution was to install new 275mm diameter Furanflex flues, which retained the original cross sectional area of flue and enabled the firplaces to be retained in this largely original condition property. Works were carried out over 3 days, with minimal mess. The gathers were reformed with refractory cement, leaving the flues in a condition to continue serving the open fires for the foreseeable future. A 25 year guarantee was issued for works.