Multi-flue installation: Coombe Court, Newton Abbot, Devon, TQ13 < Back

Furanflex Lining

Coombe Court, Moretonhampstead: The Entrance Hall inglenook flue worked, but was is poor condition. The flue was leaking into the first floor bedroom. It is critical to maintain cross sectional area of flue in this situation, as the design of inglenooks rarely conform to modern specifications. Furanflex RWV was installed in the flue, and the inglenook gather wasrepointed using a lime based mortar with wood ash pozzolan additive.

A second flue in the dining room was to be used for a solid fuel stove. This was lined with Thermocrete B2 refractory with a cast register plate. The chimney was extended to give proper clearance from the roof and to avoid operating in a negative pressure area.

Works were completed over 3 days and HETAS and BESCA certificates were issued on completion of works.