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Commercial Furanflex installation West London/ Commercial Chimney Lining


The 300mm flues serving the basement had originally been installed to serve oil fired boilers. Camera surveying revealed deterioration to the stainless steel risers, and deterioration to the joints, with no access available to properly inspect the connections. This meant that the flue was not suitable for its’ proposed new use with condensing boilers, and would not comply to building regulations in existing form. Furanflex presented an ideal solution.

Greystone Chimneys installed 2 x 57 metre 300mm diameter Furanflex liners in a day, folded to allow full expansion within the flue in a single long shift, helping keep the project on time and on budget. No access points had to be installed, as the Furanflex liners were installed in single pieces without any joins, saving significantly on the costs associated with compliance requirements of installing access at any point within 1.5 metres of any join.