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Commercial Furanflex flue installation

The pressure jet boilers in the basement were being replaced with condensing boilers. Greystone Chimneys were asked to survey and assess the suitability of the existing riser for their new purpose. There were no access points in the riser to inspect joints, as required by document J of the building regulations, and these joints did not have the appropriate seals to allow for their use for condensing appliances meaning that a conventional approach would require an expensive strip out, with significant building works being required.

Furanflex was chosen as the best solution, being able to be installed in lengths up to 200 metres without joins, negating the need for access points to be installed through the height of the riser, and being suitable for the needs of condensing boilers. The installation of the 34 metre Furanflex liner in the existing riser was carried out in a single day, on time and on budget with minimum interruption to the normal operation of the building.