14 Flues: Grade I Listed, Mayfair, London, W1 < Back

Mayfair – London Chimney Lining, Furanflex

Charles Street is a grade 1 listed building, and one of the largest private houses in central London dating from the 17th Century. Some of the walls were covered with hand painted antique Chinese silk, so the utmost care had to be taken in carrying out works to avoida any damage to the unique fabric of the building.

Furanflex was chosen as the best material for lining the flues, as it enables a clean installation with minimal likelihood of the need to knock in. Furanflex25 has become a preferred lining material for listed buildings, as the original fabric of the building is supported, yet untouched. Furanflex25 is removable giving the opportunity of offering a reversible process.

The flues were camera surveyed to ensure there would be no problems with the installation. 8 flues serving period open fireplaces were installed over 4 days, with the gathers being re-constructed leaving the fireplaces ready to take their new gas fires.