Commercial Furanflex Lining Brighton

Grade 1 Listed property


The main contractors, as part of the installation of a new commercial heating system has tried to install both 300mm and then 250mm diameter Stainless Steel Flexible Liners for several weeks, but had failed.



Greystone Chimneys were called to see if they could solve the problem. Upon initial inspection, it was apparent that the only viable solution was to use FuranFlex Black Glass Fibre Reinforced Thermosetting Resin Liner. This would ensure the chimney was lined with a one piece lining, with no joins and carrying a 25-Year Guarantee. This negated the need to construct inspection panels within 1.5m of any joins in the flue system, and would mean that the correct size of flue was possible to achieve without major disruption to a grade 1 listed building.

A CCTV survey was carried out to the chimney to confirm dimensions and condition of the flue.

The installation of the 300mm FuranFlex chimney lining was carried out and finished on programme (in less than a day, and less than a week from initial inspection) allowing other trades to complete the boiler installation works

The installation was tested and handed over allowing the project



“This lining system really was impressive and we have now decided to use FuranFlex on all our future installations, to save time and improve the end result for the customer”

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