Here is a selection of projects we have been working on…

What We Do

With long experience and the right technology, we believe every flue can be made efficient, effective, and – most importantly – safe.

Working with professionals, homeowners and property managers and developers, we install, renovate, line and repair chimneys to improve performance, protect occupants and satisfy building regulations – with a 25-year guarantee.

In residential properties, that gives you freedom to design: resurrect condemned chimneys, reopen old flues and have the fireplace or burner you want, where you want it, and working as it should.

For commercial and industrial premises, you’ll have the certainty of a proven, 25-year solution, installed quickly with minimum disruption – overnight, if necessary – by experienced site professionals.

Flue lining
HETAS classifies steel chimney liners as a temporary measure; our Thermocrete and Furanflex lining systems carry a 25-year guarantee.

Improving chimney performance
We help contractors to maximise cross-section or flow rate, or overcome problems with bends and joins in the flue, without fan assistance.

Chimney inspections
Ensuring a chimney is safe when leakage is suspected, or when re-opening an old flue.

Wood burner installation
Multi fuel burners generate extreme temperatures, which can lead to dangerous deposit buildup in the flue.

Thatched and historic buildings
We have special experience with thatched roof fire regulations, lining chimneys with sympathetic, breathable materials and helping inglenook fireplaces to achieve sufficient air flow.